In 2022, Apple Will Make Significant Updates to the macOS Malware Protection

According to changes analysed by Howard Oakley of Eclectic Lighting Company, Apple has made significant updates to macOS malware tools during the past six months via Ars Technica.

Oakley says in a blog post that was just posted this week that "macOS malware prevention has changed more in the last six months.

than it did over the previous seven years." It is now "completely preventive" and as active to detect malware on the Mac as "many professional antivirus programmes.

A new XProtect Remediator programme for Apple's XProtect service, which checks for viruses in the background.

was discreetly released around the time macOS 12.3 Monterey was released.

When malware is found, XProtect Remediator scans for it more regularly and removes it.

The new XProtect functionality runs at least once every day, but sometimes much more frequently, and it is regularly updated.