In 2022, Russell Wilson's jersey will be the best-selling

Tom Brady's hammerlock on shirt deals has been broken. Another veteran quarterback who has changed groups has started to lead the pack.

NFL Shop has reported the top of the line shirts for 2022. Mustangs quarterback Russell Wilson has arisen in the best position.

The rest of the main 10 comprises of everything except two quarterbacks: (2) Bills quarterback Josh Allen; (3) Raiders recipient Davante Adams; (4) Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett; (5) Brady; 

(6) Patriots quarterback Mac Jones; (7) Rams collector Cooper Kupp; (8) Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert; (9) Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes; and (10) Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

It's astounding that Pickett, who probably won't be the Week One starter in Pittsburgh, landed higher on the rundown than Brady.  

Brady's 40-day retirement presumably set him back in excess of a couple of deals.

It's additionally astounding that Burrow is so low; he's presently perhaps of the most-advertised, most-enjoyed youthful player in the association.