In Camo Leggings & Neon Pink Athletic Sneakers Jennifer Garner Shares Intense Workout Routine

On social media Jennifer Garner shared a triumphant and funny snippet of her intense workout routine. 

On Instagram a short video posted saw Garner box jumping an impressive height in athletic wear and sneakers. 

The actress of "The Adam project" always aims to give her fans a glimpse into her daily life. 

Getting active,Garner was dressed in a dark grey camo design of having pockets in sleek black leggings. 

For accessories, Garner strapped black watch that matched the sleek aesthetic that the "Once Upon a farm"owner had. 

Garner needed a pair of trustworthy athletic sneakers for tackling her workout.

Garner could  move around effortlessly by wearing athletic sneakers. 

The sporty shoe style is much like any other, flexible ,breathable and aerodynamic mesh are made. 

On September 2022 in Banc of California Jenniefer Garner dances on the field during a 2-0 AngelCity FC loss to Mexico