In Outlander, Jamie Fraser's nickname, Mac Dubh, was explained.

Jamie Fraser, played by Sam Heughan, had a number of aliases throughout the course of Outlander.

His identity was always changing. Jamie has held a number of positions,  

including Laird of Lallybroch and Jacobite. Even a publisher of seditious pamphlets and an outlaw. 

Outlander fans who have been rewatching season  Three are curious to learn more about Jamie's nickname, 

Mac Dubh, and its significance. Mac Dubh precisely clarifies "son of the Black" in Gaelic, 

where "Mac" racks for son and "Dubh" for black. His father, Brian Fraser, lent him this name.

Actually, Jamie inherited his flaming red hair from his mother Ellen MacKenzie, as did his daughter Brianna Fraser.

The Highlander was given the moniker "Mac Dubh" when incarcerated in Ardsmuir Prison after whirling himself  

in as a Jacobite to the English in order to protect his family.

Jamie, who exemplified the criminals as Mac Dubh, talked to them and expressed their desires to the warden.

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