In response to the Supreme Court ruling, the Democratic governor of New York signs a law restricting concealed carry of firearm

Democrat Kathy Hochul signed into law a bill Friday restricting concealed carry of firearms in government buildings and schools after the US Supreme Court last week  

overruled a century-old law that restricted carrying a concealed handgun outside the home 

The bill was swiftly signed by Hochul after passage of the extraordinary session called by the speaker on Thursday

"I just signed a new law to keep New Yorkers safe, despite a monumental setback from the Supreme Court,"  

she said in a tweet that thanked lawmakers for "quick work and collaboration to pass these critical gun safety reforms." 

Despite criticism from Republicans over the short turnaround time, lawmakers hammered out the final bill text on Thursday and put it to a vote on Friday after some debate.

In a party-line vote, the state Senate passed the bill 43-20 Friday, and the state Assembly passed the legislation 91-51 Friday evening.