In the Aftermath Of The Slap, Chris Rock Is Gaining followers at the same time as Will Smith maintains losing Them

It’s almost difficult to consider, but the 2022 Academy Awards happened some of months in the past. 

no matter this time, the discourse and fallout surrounding Will Smith walking on level and slapping  

continues to play out. in the aftermath of what’s been known as “the slap” 

Rock is gaining followers, at the same time as Smith maintains dropping them.

at some stage in the Oscars, Chris Rock entered the level to offer the fine Documentary feature class, 

however took some jabs on the celebs within the front row first. And after he made a comic story  

approximately Jada Pinkett Smith's look, Will Smith walked on degree and slapped the comedian, 

before returning to his seat and ultimately winning his own Academy Award. Smith continues to be reputedly