In the tv show, America's Got Talent Sethward surprised all with an apple costume entry 

Judges surprised to see Southward 

America’s Got Talent ended the latest episode in a pretty perfect way. No, it wasn’t another act  

that convinced the judges to break the rules and hit a bonus golden buzzer again 

Sethward had returned. Everyone along judges stitche

judges seemed pretty delighted… even though they probably should have seen the “wardrobe malfunction” coming. This was Seward, after all!

Sethward debuted as a caterpillar in the show it was Sethward's fourth season on the show in season 13 

Sethward “accidentally” flashing the crowd brought the wild act to a chaotic end, 

but not a surprising one for any who remembered him as the caterpillar, when he ended up flashing everybody.

Everyone along the judges got surprised by seeing Sethward come in apple suit on the stage and suddenly revealed his face. 

Sethward the Worm trying to rhythmically wiggle to “Dancing in the Moonlight.” Not a bad way to end the second-to-last night of Season 17 auditions!