In the US,storm season is in full swing.

– From Alaska to Puerto Rico, storm season is in full swing in the US. "What we're watching is tragedy unravel once more,"

– Over the weekend, the US was in the direct path of storms from the Atlantic hurricane.

– And Pacific typhoon seasons, which caused severe damage to cities in Alaska and Puerto Rico.

After Hurricane Fiona tore across the island on Sunday, more than 1.3 million people 

– Puerto Rico are still without electricity today. More "life-threatening and catastrophic flooding," mudslides".

– And landslides are expected to occur in Puerto Rico today as a result of Fiona's strong rains.

– The hurricane moves on to pummelled other Caribbean nations.Meanwhile, a significant portion of Alaska's western.

– The Coastline is suffering from the effects of a strange Northern Pacific storm that ploughed across the state on Saturday.