Inflation  could give social security recipients a record 1,700 increases next year 

Retirees who are feeling the pinch of higher price there could be  take heart a much bigger social security cost of living adjustment next year 

A preliminary estimate from the senior c itizens league , a  senior group finds that the 2023 cost of living adjustment

In camparison, the social security CoLA for 2022 in January was highest  bump in 40 years 

 Data released that the consumer price index for all arban consumers also known as the notched a new 40 year 

 The social security cola is calculated based on another measure with inflation near a 40 years high social security .

July consumer price index report showed inflation up 8 percent over the last 12 months in more difficult for people living on fixed incomes.

The inflation runs not or higher than average , Johnson predicts the cola could run up to 10.1 percent for 2023.

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