Influencer Oli London tells how major surgery to mimic a Korean woman spent $300,000. 

By ;ramya

october 20,2022


image credit :google

London says she spent $300,000 on 32 surgical interventions over 9 years. 

 including skin whitening treatments to seem more Korean.

The stomach morbidly obese treatments, vampire facials, and all of her fillers and Botox. 

"Jaw surgery, chin surgical intervention,  cheekbone shearing, nose multiple surgeries. 

And facial bone cutting and contouring all in one day,"  

 According to the description of the $70,000 total makeover performed in Korea.

London also revealed that, in contrast to what some people might think. 

That he did not use insurance to reimburse the $300,000 in operation costs.  

Instead, he made his own payment. 

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