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Lack of season 3 introductory captions Sonya Walger should tell you everything you need to know about what Molly is up to after filming on stage last week 

 BTW, we suspect that Lost Alum will lose its Regular Status series on Apple TV + drama after Molly's near-death (month) in season 2. We're so sad.

Note that "at some point it starts with confidence" to continue to introduce other ghosts, co-creator Joe Wiseman, "it's a big fortune, it's a big house ... Real estate."

 Besides, "There are ghosts everywhere, Sam, so I think we can find some ghosts in the neighboring assets" - as happened when Sam and Jay visited the Frenemy Henry and Margaret - "there may be a special connection with us ghosts.

and we get stories that way.

I asked showrunner Eric Kripke about the opportunity to see Jamie's hyper li'l again, and he said, "I'd like to bring the hamster back. Jamie is actually into comics, so he's a bit of a cameo, a really beautiful character.

 And if I can think of a way to get that hamster from Russia to the United States, I want to get the property