Instagram photos with an inner Dolly Parton

– In recent Instagram photos, Kourtney Kardashian has a Dolly Parton-like quality.

– The reality personality posted many photographs online wearing a stylish cowboy hat.

– A hot pink satin blouse with silver trim and a cowboy hat with beaded fringe made up the Dolly Parton-inspired ensemble.

– In order to truly stir things up, she also wore a platinum wig in place of her jet-black hair.

– The 43-year-old added a cowboy emoji to the post's description, and a fan wrote, "RODEO TIME."

– Before you freak out and assume Kourtney is teasing a country music album.

It appears that the creator of Poosh is only getting ready for the scary season by thinking back to one of her classic outfits 

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