Investors put extra money in Tesla than Elon Musk himself is a little known

An investor little known  has poured more money into Tesla and Elon Musk himself. 

Behind Elon Musk and Larry Ellison,KoGuan Leo became the third largest individual shareholder in Tesla. 

About the little known investor, he is a graduate of Columbia University. 

Also the investor founded SHI International Corp, a large IT company. 

Since it enables KoGuan Leo to invest billions of dollars into Tesla It must be extremely valuable. 

KoGuan Leo believes that he invested more money than Musk and Ellison combined at this point. 

KoGuan Leo added 100,000 shares at $295.3664 shares earlier plus 1,800 shares at $290.96 per shr later. 

Koguan Leo owns 22,731,000 shares of Tesla.