iPhone 14pro just leaked new arrived color

Trickled pictures of what is possible in iPhone 14 Pro dummy departments show off all five whispered colors for the Pro categories; 

Midnight; Starlight; Sky Blue; Red; Purple; Green maybe iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max in purple color whispered An iPhone 14 Pro leak has tipped a new range of colors. 

also launch implies new colors, as well as new features of modern iPhone 14 Pro pictures. The antenna wires around the phone's horizon are white,

fairer than the normal color-matched ones, but this could be a dummy-specific ingredient since they don't desire actual antennas.

In an iPhone, launch purple is a brand new color, the only important iPhones in this color being the purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini,  

which came between their launch year. it is so dark the purple apple chosen no longer matches up with the muted  matte ends on other pro iPhones.

Additional biological lighting in the chance makes the purple iPhone look a lot better, so hopefully, this is how the real aspect will stare.