Is Kylie Jenner expecting a new child? Social Media Rumors Are Flying After Travis Scott's Clever Remark

Let's hope they've already begun considering names if this is the case.

Kylie Jenner has recently drawn a lot of criticism online, but eventually, followers decided to divert their attention from her private jet post and focus on what might be big news.  

After she made a mysterious comment on a social media post by her boyfriend, Travis Scott, many are speculating that the Kardashians star is expecting a child.

The rapper posted the image of himself leaning against a wall in New York City on Instagram.  

Jenner and Travis Scott have a son who they first named Wolf before changing his name, Stormi, who recently made her debut TikTok, and two daughters.  

That's two children, which brings up the question of why Jenner posted the emoji four times in the first place. 

Is this an indication that she intends to have a couple more children, or is it just her subtly telling her admirers that she's currently pregnant?

Were the emojis she tweeted in succession to indicate that she is expecting again, or were they intended to be a subtle hint?