"It's a bit of an ideal time": Ryan Reynolds describes Mint Mobile's anti-intuitive inflation game

Telecommunications company Mint Mobile is cutting rates, and Ryan Reynolds is here to tell you why, "Because we hate you."

Yes, Ryan Reynolds. In addition to his other investments and activities related to movie stars, Reynolds owns Mint, the mobile virtual network operator he first invested in 2019.

. Since its inception five years ago, it has more than doubled each year. 

In recent years, the Mint has been known for its humor, clever advertisements and non-intuitive promotions, including the current campaign

 As of July 5, the Mint has reduced the cost of all its plans to $ 15 a month for the first three months

 From here, even an unlimited plan costs only $ 30 a month. It is a "deflationary" campaign, which is a direct response to two major increases in 

wireless tariffs and the inflationary crisis plaguing consumers. Most major plans for wireless operators start at a minimum of $ 60 a month, and this is a good time to offer consumers a discount - according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, last month's inflation was the highest since 1981.