It's time for Pixar to leave Toy Story

Light Year is an original story that may not be. In the 27 years since the launch of Toy Story, which knocks on Pixar's office door

viewers have asked themselves a specific question and demanded an answer: where is Buzz Lightyear, the smiling action figure of the astronauts in the film?

There is no need to think about it now, dear viewers. This week is Lightyear's explosive sci-fi adventure, which proudly states its goal on the opening title card: "In 1995, Andy got a toy. The toy is from his favorite movie. This is the movie. "

Take a moment and gather yourself. Hollywood is so lost in the rabbit burrows of its own intellectual property that the story is made for fictional toys 

If anyone wonders why a child in Toy Story would play with a "space guard" doll, here's Lightyear, a straightforward epic about an astronaut named Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Chris Evans instead of Tim Allen in Toy Story.) 

Invaders. , shoots lasers and engages in all kinds of space derring-do. Canonically, I think this space movie in the mid-1990s was aimed at an audience, even though there was nothing about it that said "retro" - but maybe I was thinking of a button. 

Or maybe I'm even more confused by the fact that the light year counts in a film other than a movie from a fictional universe, despite what is actually being played on the screen, the formula is in decay.  

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