Jalen Brunson of the Knicks proposes to longterm girlfriend Ali Mark

Coming husband Jalen Brunson will begin his debut drive with the Knicks.

On Tuesday, the 26-year-old point guard declared his attention to girlfriend Ali Marks, mailing pretty pictures of their private proposal to Instagram.

Brunson wrote one picture of the couple, who were grinning while Marks wore her sparkling new ring, "Forever."

It appears that Jalen Brunson's former high school was the setting for the private proposal.

Brunson's previous high school in Illinois, Stevenson High School, where he was just honoured into the institution's Hall of Fame, 

appears to be where the engagement looked to take place, according to Marks, a Northwestern University alum and physical therapist.

Tuesday, Marks posted on her page, "You are a lifetime."

Jalen Brunson proposed to longtime girlfriend Ali Marks