Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck look casual as they browse luxury cars in Beverly Hills

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez cut charming, relaxed figures while perusing for extravagance vehicles at the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dealer in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

The vocalist lyricist, 52, wore a white, long-sleeve shirt with a couple of buttons in her chest.

She added some ringer base pants and white tennis shoes 

She conveyed a multi-hued Dior pack in the convict of her elbow, and she safeguarded her eyes with a couple of golden shaded shades.

Her light earthy colored hair was separated in the center and fell in a free pig tail down her back.

The 49-year-old entertainer wore a white three-button jacket over a dark shirt and some dark thin pants.

He strolled in white shoes with a dark image in favor of them.

The Daredevil entertainer's dark hair was trimmed short, and his facial hair was managed conveniently against his jaw.