Jennifer Lopez ran to wed Ben Affleck before he encountered sudden strain': 'source

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are still past happy after their surprising wedding in Las Vegas.

The lovebirds saw, Page Six is told, with pizza and Diet Coke on a singular luxury plane back to LA in the early broad stretches of Sunday morning.

Besides, recalling that J.Lo posted on her OnTheJLo notice Sunday that they were joined by their children at the shock pre-wedding administration at a drive-through wedding place of refuge 

Page Six is taught that the only ones in collaboration were Lopez's childhood, Emme, 14, and Affleck's Sera, 13.

They have five children endlessly out between them. Emme has a twin family, Max, and Affleck similarly shares Violet, 16, and Sam, 10, with ex Jennifer Garner.

While they were getting the pack, Garner was fascinated in the sun in Lake Tahoe - and gave no sign regarding how she was feeling.

Ben informed Jen concerning the wedding, as of now I'm taught that it was just Friday at the earliest. 

It was extremely, unimportantly coordinated early and was all around impromptu.