Jennifer Lopez's mother calls Ben Affleck her "real adoration."

Ben Affleck has Lupe Rodrguez's blessing.

"I knew they'd regroup. Sunny Hostin claimed on "The View" on July 18 that the reignited couple was "enamoured"

"I told Lupe. Lupe says Ben is her true love."

Hostin, 53, told her co-hosts that Lopez and Affleck's love is "forever."

She said, "They'll live happily ever after, so she took his last name and adores him."

"That's it. She's done. She should've hitched him earlier." Page Six has Lopez and Affleck's July 16 marriage licence.

In her July 17 "On The JLo" update, the "Hawkers" star confirmed her nuptials.

After marrying Affleck, Lopez legally changed her name to "Jennifer Affleck." She signed her brochure "Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck"