JLo Shared her Honeymoon And 'Self-Care In A Tub 

Jennifer Lopez looks fantastic as always. 

So many  times every month, Jennifer Lopez is known for posting amazing photos of her personal life

Sometimes these are her daily highlights, including wearing a bikini in “summer mode,” sharing details like her dress to Ben Affleck from her recent wedding or letting us know what she looks like 

Making his own booty balm move forward 

It seems things have been on Affleck's mind again of late, as JLo headed back to her Paris honeymoon this weekend with a sweet post shot in the bathtub. 

In fact, Halftime's subject is one of the few people who looks almost excellent in the bathtub. 

I'm sure many people have awkward angles when shooting from a tub, particularly a large, cold, and expensive piece of marble like the one pictured here. 

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