Joe Biden Issues Order to Stop Chinese Technology Investment in the US.

Biden issues a new directive to stop Chinese investment in American technology. 

The action, which is certain to exacerbate relations with Beijing, 

underscores rising concern over China's ability to obtain.

the private data that Americans provide to mobile apps and other services.In a move that is sure to ratchet up tensions.

Beijing President Joe Biden will sign an executive order on Thursday that will strengthen.

The federal government's authority to thwart Chinese technology investments in the country.

They restrict China's access to personal information about citizens, according to administration officials.

The new order is intended to concentrate the efforts of the covert Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States.

which was established by Congress nearly 50 years ago. The committee's authority was essentially restricted for a long time.

The  prohibiting foreign purchases of American companies that would have a direct impact on national security, like a military contractor.

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