Joe Keery helped Joseph Quinn's 'Stranger Things 4' accent.

Joseph Quinn is the fan favourite of "Stranger Things 4" as the misunderstood Hellfire Club commander Eddie.  

Fans may not have realised Quinn is British because he speaks with an American accent in "Stranger Things 4"  

Quinn appeared in BBC dramas like "Dickensian" and "Howards End." Mastery was challenging.

Quinn admired Ed Gamble's American accent on a recent episode of "Off Menu." Quinn said, "You're a sociopath"  

"After a while, I got so far down the rabbit hole that I wondered, 'Do I sound good?'" Do you like my work?'"

Joe Keery, who played Steve in the first season of the hit Netflix series, assisted Quinn with his American accent. Keery and Quinn became fast friends in "Stranger Things 4"

Quinn recalled, "I was deep in it when I was talking to Joe Keery, and he said, 'Dude, I can't help you, but it'll be alright.'" 

"Stranger Things" fans and the media praised Quinn's performance.