Jordan Peele resists being named "the best horror director ever"

Jordan Peele, 43, won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for "Get Out" but doesn't want to be called one of the best horror directors ever.

Who is horror's GOAT? "Nope" director and comic book creator clashed on Twitter on Wednesday.

When will Jordan Peele be crowned the greatest horror director ever? Ellis earlier tweeted.

"Name another horror director who made three consecutive good films," he asked. No. 

He also provided the Rotten Tomatoes ratings for "Get Out" (98%) and "Us" (93%), as well as "Nope" (89 percent ).

If you argue that Get Out and Us aren't modern classics, leave, he said. He continued, "I'm not open to that (wrong) opinion."

"Mad TV" alumnus: "Sir, please hang up." Sorry. I love your enthusiasm, but no John Carpenter criticism! Peele included a meme of himself as Robert Redford.

Carpenter, 74, directed "Halloween," "The Fog," and "Escape from New York"