Juan Soto wins the 2022 MLB Home Run Derby at Dodger Stadium over Julio Rodriguez

On Monday, Washington Nationals slugger Juan Soto won the 2022 Home Run Derby,  

defeating 21-year-old Seattle Mariners phenom Julio Rodriguez.

He walked off the victory in his minute of bonus time after hitting 19 home runs in the head-to-head final.  

In 1993, Juan Gonzalez was the second-youngest player to win the derby, at 23 years and 266 days.

At age 42, Albert Pujols upset No. 1 seed Kyle Schwarber in the first round  

of the Home Run Derby. Two-time defending champion Pete Alonso

lost to Rodriguez in the semifinals. 

The goal of Alonso was to become the first player in history to win three consecutive derbies.