Julia Fox's Groutfit is Holding on by 1,000 Thread

Julia Fox doesn't shy away from bold fashion choices and borderline bizarre beauty beats. 

Her latest look takes the "groufit” to a new level. It involves lots of strings and straps.

Fox stepped out Tuesday in a grey, Alejandre coordinated set.  

It included a super-cropped shirt with thin strips at the front and very chaotic cargo pants that had a very messy midsection 

There was also a snap-away, shirred bikini line to show her hips.  

The look was completed with black pointy-toed pumps and a thin hairband that pulled her hair back.  

Fox kept her blonde brows which she first showed off in May.

Fox, a regular dabbler with barely there tops and lace up dresses, is clear that she is dedicated to providing her fans with a lot of visual delights.  

Recently, she told people that her wild outfits are a "visual services" to the world.

"Sometimes, the paparazzi get to me, and it makes me look like shit. She explained.  

She said, "If they're going to get me, I might just as well make the most of it. It feels like I'm providing a service. "I'm offering a service."

The public perception of the actress doesn't bother her at all. She only cares about her opinion. "I believe in being fearless,  

not giving up, doing what I enjoy, and not worrying about whether it's normal for society. It's cool if I believe it is.