Jurassic  get $6 billion worldwide

The Jurassic  world franchise hit at box office this is earned $6 billion worldwide. It started in 2015.

The trilogy is released on june 10,2022 Juraassic world dominion Fans want isla nublar after 14 years.

Trevorrow’s jurassic for a new generation. It is a commercial of john Hammond. It is goal of dinosaur wild life .

.In this series explored dinosaur in modern days  by trainer in the park of owen grady Dominion’s released DVD and blue ray .

At the international box office this ih got $615.7 million this is got highest budget in hollywood after opening the theatres during covid-19.

By audience the rotten tomatoes score was 29% ,13% decrease from  but third one is taking 77% audience to rotten tomatoe

Jurrasic world dominion book ending series nearly 30 years of story telling helped pass a new box office this era of the franchise.