In transit to Puerto Rico, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was gotten some information about Harris' remarks and the blowback they generated. 

"She was plainly discussing long-haul ventures, not FEMA help for typhoon reaction endeavours. 

The VP and the president have been certain that the central government has been and will keep on being there for all Americans. 

"We need to address this in a manner that is tied in with giving assets in view of value, understanding that we battle for balance, however, we likewise need to battle for value.  

. Understanding, not every person begins at a similar spot, and in the event that we believe individuals should be in an equivalent spot, at times we need to consider those differences," she added. 

"We are focused on rapidly getting assets to all networks affected, period, full stop," she said. 

Value is a worry, Jean-Pierre added, yet the objective is to get assets conveyed to each and every individual who needs them. 

" We likewise know that certain individuals, especially in lower-pay networks, struggle with getting to that assistance," she said.