Kate Hudson goes topless on Instagram which prompted her brother's awkward response

This past Saturday Kate Hudson posted an un-topless image via Instagram that showed  

her drinking coffee in London with her long locks carefully covering her breasts.

"'s out," the "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days"" singer wrote the caption.

The photo received lots of praise from fans, such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Selma Blair who wrote, "That's a lovely morning! 

And Janelle Monae, who wrote "I have to recreate this icon."

The actress' elder brother Oliver who is 45 wasn't overly impressed by the hot snap.

"Nope," he succinctly stated. A lot of fans joked they thought that "The Clean Lady

star was unable to talk due to his Instagram profile picture shows his naked bottom. 

The image is a screengrab of a hilarious clip that he uploaded of him getting away from the snow in nakedness, and was shot by one of his sons.