Kate Middleton is compared with Princess Diana, People’ called her ‘The new People’s Princess’

On social media Jennifer Garner shared a triumphant and funny snippet of her intense workout routine. 

A title that goes to the immediate person who is next in the line of progression for the British Crown. 

Royal fans who didn't have a full experience of Princess Diana's mystique are the ones able to take her from her monker and give it to Kate. 

She was known as ‘People’s Princess’ because of how approachable and relatable was with everyone. 

Kate Middleton doesn’t appear to be approachable as Princess Diana was in her day, but the fans are still determined to give her the moniker. 

Right after her tragic passing from a car accident Former minister Tony Blair paid tribute to Princess Diana. 

Tony Blair was the one who dubbed her as the ‘People's Princess.’ 

On social media The Royal fans began calling her that. But their reasons may be different than the reasons Princess Diana was called by that moniker.