Katie Maloney ‘Blaming’ Scheana For Tom & Raquel's Hookup

According to a production source, Raquel and Schwartz "really hooked up" during Scheana's wedding. 

Katie Maloney is upset with Scheana because she thinks Scheana set up Raquel and Schwartz. 

According to a second story, Maloney was the one who first urged that Leviss and Schwartz go for it.

Just because he chose to date a female from their group of friends is what has her irritated "says the insider.

Remarks were made less than a month before Schwartz and Leviss engaged in sexual activity at the wedding of Shay and Brock Davies in Mexico on August 23. 

In July, Schwartz talked about his breakup with Maloney and admitted that he might have overlooked Leviss because of their close friendship. 

Maloney was supposed to attend the party but was "disinvited"—probably because of the ongoing conflict between the two women.