Kelly Clarkson has been writing music, Brandon Blackstock.

In her new video, Kelly Clarkson reveals she has been writing music about Brandon Blackstock's split for two years. 

Kelly Clarkson fans can cheer on the grounds that the pop star is getting back to the music scene amazingly with another collection coming in 2023.

With her syndicated program moving to the sought-after Ellen DeGeneres time allotment, Clarkson realized she needed to take each undertaking in turn.

It was hard," she told Variety. "My maker and I were snickering yesterday since I was like, 'Recall that time we composed 

similar to, 25 melodies in seven days?' A great deal of those is the ones that are on the collection."

Fans will probably hear a ton of catastrophe through her verses since she "composed the majority of these very nearly a long time back." 

Regardless of quite a while of battling Blackstock in court over everything from provision to her Montana farm

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