Kelly Clarkson utterly lost her cool in front of Gordon Ramsay in a heated exchange.

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Kelly Clarkson appears to be capable of doing anything these days. She's The Kelly Clarkson Show's award-winning host. 

Her albums may provide hit after hit. As a previous coach on The Voice, she can even mentor up-and-coming singers to success. But cooking on live television is one thing she struggles with.

Clarkson, Kelly The singer gave Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen a segment on her show, giving viewers a taste of her culinary prowess 

The famous chef was there to demonstrate how to make shrimp scampi to Kelly and Cheryl Burke of Dancing With the Stars in under five minutes 

However, what was supposed to be a simple meal suddenly devolved into a culinary catastrophe.

"No, not at all! This pan contains shrimp! The "Since U Been Gone" singer made her first error seconds into the cooking demonstration, and Gordon shouted at her.  

Naturally, Kelly couldn't help but become agitated. She exclaimed, "I'm not breathing!" God, oh God! I'm perspiring!