Kelly Clarkson's ex-bf Randon Blackstock finds a new bachelor pad

By Dharmesh Patel

Aug 18, 2022

Is it possible that the Montana ranch show is finally over for Kelly Clarkson?

In spite of the way that her ex Brandon Blackstock had moved off of the property by the beginning of June, as their division settlement required, 

the music chief probably continued to be "a migraine for her" and, shockingly, purportedly saw as continuing to fight Clarkson over the ranch in court.

Nevertheless, Reba McEntire's stepson has now tracked down one more unfastened male pad.

So, maybe the family can begin to acknowledge the truth at long last.

Brandon Blackstock's new digs were purportedly purchased on April 18, according to a deed move got at some point later by Us Weekly.

The 4,800 square-foot house in Butte, Montana was recorded for $1.8 millions.

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