Kendrick peanut butter cup monkey bread recipe got viral response on social media

kendrick posted a video on social media it has a great response by followers of kendrick

Millions of social media users seen this viral recipe thats gone viral on tik tok video

Ingredients used by kendrick to make peanut butter cup monkey bread Premade biscuit dough ,

Peanut butter cups,¾ melted butter,¾ brown sugar,half cup peanut butter ,2 cups powdered sugar,half cup milk etc

Kendrick made the monkey bread with premade biscuit dough and miniature peanut butter cups.

Making of peanut butter cup monkey bread first cutted biscuit two parts flatten dough and placed a peanut butter cup in the centre of each before rolling into ball

Kendrick placed each dough into a Bundt cake pan when completed.and next he powered a brown sugar and butter prepared into pan he makes sure to coat all the dough

The Peanut Butter Cup Monkey Bread was then placed in a wood pellet grill at 330 degrees fahrenheit for 50 minute

After finished cooking kendrick flipped pastry upside down on a plate and poured a peanut butter glaze 

he got 3.3 million views in facebook 6.7 million views and in youtube he got 29600 view