Kanye West's Recognition by Pete Davidson at the Emmys Did Not Go unnoticed

The comedian is no longer dating Kim Kardashian, their feud still seems to pete davidson 

The former Saturday Night Live star's attire was the buzz of Twitter when he appeared as a presenter at the Emmy Awards on Monday night.

Davidson's decision to wear a Dickies jacket and pair of slacks was undoubtedly

 The two men appear to be at odds with one another because they texted back and forth and then argued in front of the world 

when Kanye called Pete "Skete" on his social media pages. It's juvenile and immature, but it's impossible not to giggle. 

 Not Pete Davidson dressed as Kanye at the Emmys, a Twitter user said. Can we all just appreciate Pete Davidson dressing like Kanye for the Emmys? said another commen 

Kanye has not yet responded, but given that Pete has already spoken about the anguish the Yeezy creator inflicted,   want to carry on the rivalry after he and Kim called it quits   

Kanye may become agitated as a result, according to one commenter who said.

"Pete Davidson got on a complete Dickies fit at the Emmys Kanye bout to have a cow." 

deliberate in the attire that Kanye wore at the 2019 Met Gala with Kim as his date.    

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