Kevin Gates Cancels Texas Meet & Greets Despite Doubling Down on Beyonce's Urine Comment

The "Thinking With My Dick" rapper caused shock waves across the web the last week, with " Super General, 

his controversial freestyle. In it, he takes shots at Beyonce and slams her lemonade. Take a look below.

The song was a subject of discussion during a recent conversation with bootlegkev's show. 

In response to questions about his reactions to the Beyonce song, Kevin Gates doubled down on his remarks.

"Ain't anyone saying nothing to me. To be truthful - and with complete respect - 

that's one the prettiest women on the planet. I'm in the trap along with all the monsters.  

They all say the same thing."

Based on Kevin Gates, he was speaking for the general public. "All I did was tell what people think," he explained.  

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I'd take a drink with you. ###. I mean, what's the matter? ###? Man, come on. In my mouth right now."

He also said: "I speak for the one ##### who's in jail who sit and look at these people on TV 

and everything. It's the way everyone thinks."