16  0CTOBER 2022 

Anthony Rapp attended an Oscars celebration in New York City.


Upon that evening Kevin Spacey won an Oscar. 

 For his portrayal of a disgruntled suburban dad in "American Beauty." 

According to Rapp's testimony this week. 

As he watched Spacey win his award, he hurled a pencil there at television. 


Best selling series 

. Rapp alleged he had a similar attitude 22 years later.

That was because he had been informed of what he called "the much more horrific solitary experience" of his life. 

 When Rapp was 14 and Spacey aged 26.  Spacey has refuted the accusation, and his attorneys have provided the jury.

With a different reason together in criminal sexual harrassment trial taking place in federal district court. 

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