Kim Kardashian was wearing a flashy paddleboard swimsuit with Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian gives people what they want: Kete extra (K). This reality star still shares content from her tropical getaway with her friend Pete Davidson and her last drop on Instagram with no less than a bonus 

On Friday, Kardashian placed a carousel on his grate with a series of photos and videos from the couple's excursion on a paddleboard.

The first image in the series is a selfie taken by a cabaret artist with a contoured mogul in the background on a tall red board. Kim held both arms in the air with a paddle in one hand.  

Other photographs and clips - apparently created by Davidson - show Kardashian paddling in clear blue water while relaxing while performing several poses on his board.

Some photos capture fun moments between them. In one shot, Kardashian looked at Davidson, highlighting her clear difference in height, and the duo just smiled. Another photo taken from above shows both immersed in water.

Kim is wearing a metallic silver-black swimsuit-style top with a correspondingly high waist. In other shots, he is wearing a black bikini.

But the social network teacher does not end there. He also recorded many funny stories on his Instagram story, where Pete tried to make friends with IG. "Our couple is trying to get in ..." Kim warned her 318 million followers. 

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