Kourtney Kardashian Got '90s Iconic "Rachel" Haircut

Another day, another massive celebrity hair moment, and this time it is from Kourtney Kardashian.

Kourtney Kardashian gave up her signature hairstyle for the new "The Rachel," haircut, which is seriously giving us the 1990s nostalgia.

The reality star shocked everyone by getting a stunning chop and cutting her lengths into a short bob after years of rocking her trademark long hair. 

Since then, she has given us various slicked-back buns, a blunt black micro-fringe, face-framing layers, and huge blunt bob moments.

Andrew Fitzsimons, the family's go-to hairstylist, shared a little video clip, and it's one of our favorites so far 

that Kourtney has a new, choppy hairstyle that she unveiled on Instagram.  Kourtney has thick, voluminous roots,

a tonne of layers, and a tonne of face-framing feathers, her hairstyle serves as a modern version of the iconic 90s trend known as "The Rachel."

"The Rachel" gained enormous popularity after Jennifer Aniston wore the extremely choppy hairstyle in "Friends" 

while portraying her renowned character Rachel Green. The reality tv star posted a picture of her hair last week

that showed it in a smooth lob with no indication of the choppy layers, so may have also chopped it off too.