Kyrie Irving has been putting on a show in Los Angeles

Exchange Rumors: "He Was Playing With Some Guys Out In The Valley, And He Was Clearly The Best Guy On The Court..."

Kyrie Irving has proactively gotten the news out about it for his ideal world to be a Laker.

After three tempestuous years in Brooklyn, Uncle Drew wants to assist the Lakers escape their ongoing tie.

As talks progress, Irving is irrefutably giving the Lakers an extra motivation to act.

In a report by Brad Turner, the star point watch has been shocking people playing pickup b-ball in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately for the Lakers, trade talks have dialed back lately 

Any trade including the Lakers and Irving ought to consolidate Russell Westbrook, who the Nets have been hesitant to add to their money.

Regardless, as Irving parades what he can do, he is simply adding strain for the Lakers to make a move.