Lewis Cine was the "ultimate tone-setter" in the NFL

There's a ton to like about Minnesota Vikings first-round draft pick Lewis Cine. 

Previous NFL wellbeing and current ESPN examiner Matt Bowen as of late gotten back to the hard-hitting cautious "a definitive tone-setter" for a protection.

"According to a training viewpoint, I need that person. I need him in my optional room since he is a tone-setter. 

He is an extreme tone-setter," Bowen said, while talking with group journalist Tatum Everett. 

Cine establishes the vibe with his readiness to get his lunchbox and go to chip away at each and every snap.  

The genuineness he welcomes on the backend of a safeguard warrants regard right out of the doors.

There's a speed and savagery to his game that quickly leaps out on tape.  

He won't hesitate to involve his body as a shot to make a major play on the field. It's developed man football at its ideal.