Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout is battling with a "very unique" back condition, but he claims it is treatable and that he intends to play this season.

CITY After the Los Angeles Angels' head sports trainer disclosed that the three-time American League MVP has a "rare" spinal  

disease that could harm him for the rest of his career, Mike Trout said he appreciated all the support he received.

Even if Trout believed that everything had been exaggerated.

After seeing his Angels defeat the Kansas City Royals 4-0 to secure their first series victory in over a month, Trout remarked, 

I assume he meant that I had to stay on top of the routine I do on a daily basis to keep it from coming back."

Although I appreciate all the prayers, my career is not over.

The 10-time All-Star departed a game against Houston on July 12 due to what were initially diagnosed as back spasm

then a week later was listed as having "rib cage inflammation.