Machine Gun Kelly Holds Hands With  Casie Colson Baker

By Sandhya

September 28,2022

Like father and daughter! Machine Gun Kelly and his daughter, Cassie, hit the streets of Italy on September 27 in fluffy hats. 

For the outdoor stroll, MGK rocked an almost monochromatic pink look with an oversized gray t-shirt over his hoodie. 

He opted for complete comfort with a pair of pink cargo pants and rose-hued sneakers.

The "Bad Things" singer posed in a pink floppy hat, pink sunglasses, and earbuds as she held her teen's hand in front of his body.

Cassie twinned with her pops in an adorable jet black fluffy hat

She also has a monochromatic appearance, but she is completely black, a darker selection than her father

The girl was wearing black leggings, a hoodie, and Nike sneakers. 

She looked on trend with a belt bag across her chest, a necklace, and dark sunglasses. 

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