Man Arrested for Rushing Queen's Casket Checks She's 'Alive' 

The bomb blast took place when the accused Mohammad Khan was produced in court. 

"While you were in Westminster, you didn't get that the Queen was dead and that's why 

you went to the casket to satisfy yourself that she was," Judge Michael Snow told the defendant during the wild trial, according to the BBC.

He spoke about Friday night's stunning incident after the 28-year-old defendant tried to grab the flag draped over the monarch's casket in Westminster Hall.

The Guardian reported that Khan was among an estimated 250,000 people who passed through the building between Wednesday

and Monday to visit those who died after waiting for hours on the banks of the River Thames. 

"The defendant arrived at Westminster Hall. He was seen by the officers there to go to the coffin," said prosecutor Luke Staton, representing the scene.