Marg Helgenberger states loss, wedding pleasure, Catherine Willows' murder drama 'CSI: Vegas.

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october 20,2022


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 Catherine Willows is back from Marg Helgenberger with a terrifying crime-solving science.

All After the 13 seasons and 2 Emmy nominations.

 Helgenberger left his full-time role in 2013 as the tough criminologist on CBS' "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The series ended after two years.

 Now Helgenberger, 63, brings Willows' unique  skills.

 To the second season of the crime drama sequel Even by Sin City standards.

 Evil reaches new extremes, in "Vegas" episode (10 EDT/PDT)  Helgenberger Presented by "CSI" Creator Anthony Zwicker.

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