Martin Lawrence says "Bad Boys" won't stop even when Will Smith is slapped at the Oscars

There were stories that the possiblity of "Terrible Boys 4" was finished due to the conversation, yet Lawrence as far as anyone knows says that isn't actually.

There hasn't been colossally said about the Will Smith-Chris Rock second from the Oscars as of late, but the effects are at this point being inspected.

After Smith moved toward Rock and smacked him during the Academy Awards, watchers observed continuously as the Fresh Prince star 

who spent the amount of his work as a sound, dear figure in Hollywood — found his standing being raised uncertainty about.

In reports that immediately followed, snitch spread about projects connected to Smith being expects to momentarily pause or pardoned endlessly out.

According to reports, Smith and Bad Boys co-star Martin Lawrence were in talks with the foundation to release another film.

The pair's most critical Bad Boys film follows as far as possible back to 1995, and since that time there have been a couple of others that have followed. 

Lawrence discussed that time in his reality with Ebony magazine during his cover feature for their July issue.