Martin Sheen says he regrets changing his name to suit his acting work

Sometimes, you are convinced that you don't have the right perspective or courage to defend the values you hold dear the cause,' said actor

The actor of 81 with the real name Ramon Estevez, said he performed under a different identity following the advice of other actors.

"That's the one thing I regret. I haven't changed my name legally," he told Closer Weekly. "It's it's Ramon Estevez on my birth certificate. 

"I did not change my name in any official way. This is on my wedding certificate and my passport as well as my driving license."

When asked about the reason Martin changed his name Martin declared: "Sometimes you get persuaded that you don't have enough wisdom  

or even the courage to defend the things you believe in and then you'll pay the price in the future. "But obviously I'm only speaking on behalf of myself."

Sheen also admitted how his Son Emilio Estevez wanted to follow his steps in the field of filmmaking and decided to use his initial name.

"The one influence I could exert over Emilio was to preserve the name he had," the West Wing actor said. 

"When first he began his career the first time, his agent was telling that he change his surname to Sheen but he refused to make the change. Thank God did not."

Martin's son Charlie who is well-known for his performance on Two and a Half Men, took on the Sheen stage name. His real name is Carlos Estevez.