Disney added parental controls to it's steming service in March, allowing easier means to restrict access to younger family members. 

Last year, it was announced that marvel Studios would be developing a marvel zombies animated series for Disney+show.

Well both have finally been answered at San Diego Comic_con. Marvel zombies first r_rated marvel Studios show. 

 And well include more zombified heroes and villian like wanda maximoff, ghost, hawkey, captain Marvel etc.., 

The new servivors of this zombie apocollapse were shown to be yelena, katebishop, jimmywoo shang_chi, red etc. 

Former black widows were so shown working together as a group to survive. 

Hopefully, the quantam virus has evolved by the time marvel zombies os released on Disney+show in 2024

Marvel studio's first r_rated show gets record breaking episode count